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The Print Project, Mexico Fishermen.

For many years I traveled the world and photographed people and I rarely gave anything back. It felt selfish. The Print Project, was my way of giving back.


I wanted to give something special to the people I photograph, a memory to keep forever.  I spent a few months photographing fishermen from the town of Todos Santos, Mexico.  Week after week, we came back with signed fine art prints for them to take home. At first, I can’t say we had a very warm welcome.  They were suspicious of our intentions and refused being photographed.  There has been a lot of global criticism on their fishing practices, especially of sharks and rays.  Is a very sensitive subject to all parties.  After spending several hours on the beach, we managed to photograph two key people.  The older fishermen, who at 87 was still going strong and the chief of the fishing cooperative.  I sat down with them and explained the project and my intentions and that I was not associated with any groups opposing their fishing practices.  They understood and agreed to be photographed.  The rest of the fishermen watched as I took photos.  Next week we came back with prints and a few more fishermen agreed to pose for me.  I did this every week and after my fourth time coming, everyone was out to show me their catch and ready to pose.  What surprised me the most about  this project, was realizing that the fishermen had an appreciation for the artistic value of the photos.  They could tell that they were not just ordinary photos and appreciated them more because of it.

I want to take this project around the world and photograph people who might never have the opportunity of owning a photograph of themselves.  Sharing this post will make this effort possible so please share it.  You can also check out the BEHIND THE SCENES  and don’t forget to LIKE ME on my facebook page.





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