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Leupold Golf 2014

Cold, cold and colder, these are the words that come to mind when thinking of this shoot.  I never saw blue lips on models before.  Getting sunrises and sunsets, in the middle of Fall, in Nebraska can be a gamble.  You need to be prepared for below freezing temperatures.  Many of the panoramic images were shot in several frames and composited into one image.  We could have used a wide angle lens and cropped to a panoramic but we wanted to maintain the prospective of a longer lens.  It was important to see elements in the background  to tell a story with the model on the foreground using the rangefinder.  A wide angle lens would have made everything look too far away loosing the details needed for the story.   To pan, I used reference points on the landscape and overlapped the frames handholding the camera.  Especially in critical moments, like the cover image as the sun was setting, I didn’t want to waste time using a tripod.  Who likes Tripods anyway?  The shallow depth of field images were shot with fast prime lenses, like the 50mm 1.2, shot wide open.  For lighting I used a combination of bounce from VCards and strobes, color balanced to match available lighting with warming gels.  Balancing the color temperature of strobes with available lighting is key not to make the image look “strobed”.  I try to keep the lighting to a minimal to maintain the natural look of available light.   If you want to see the behind the scenes click here.  If you enjoyed my blog don’t forget to like me on facebook.






Subaru World

Is -20 degrees cold enough for a shoot?  You bet!  It felt more like a survival task than a photoshoot.  However, a part from the cold, I haven’t seen a winter scene as pretty  as this.  It was like a fairy tail and I feel very fortunate that mother nature cooperated with us with such an amazing backdrop.  Stay tune for more photos from Subaru World.


Emblema frontofcar


Wrangler Ad Campaign

We had a good time shooting for Wrangler and meeting legendary King of Country, George Strait and Trevor Brazile, 10 Time All-Around World Champion Cowboy.  Best part was going with George to his house at the ranch and check out his trophy collection.  The italian photographer and the country legend checking out horns.  What a nice guy he is, not surprised all the women are in love with him :)  Here are the 4 ads.  If you want to see the behind the scene click here.  And if you like my blog don’t forget to like me on facebook.

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