Kevin Connolly in National Geographic Traveler Poland.

The first time I met Kevin was on a book reading he did in Bozeman, Montana a few years ago.  What caught my attention about Kevin was his sense of humor. I came out from the reading with a smile and wanting to know more about him.  I bought the book and read it in a few days and very much enjoyed it.  Right after finishing his book Outside Magazine called me to photograph Kevin for a feature they were doing on him.  I guess that’s how life works sometimes…  036_NGT_1308_WYWIAD_01-1
He showed up at my house, and my normally sweet dog Tobi, tried to bite him as he stepped through the front door.  I had never seen Tobi do that.  “I am used to it” Kevin said with a laugh. “Dogs think I am weird as they have never seen anything like it.  When I go hiking in the woods I pack a gun as I don’t know what animals will do. I might look like a snack to them.”  We shook hands and the first thing I noticed is that my manly large hand disappeared into Kevin’s even larger hand.  I figured that the rest of the day we were going to photograph Kevin as we helped him get around with us.  Turns out, we had to catch up to Kevin the whole day.  We skied Big Sky and he enjoyed working us to the ground, and I am no novice skier.  I pride myself for having grown up skiing the Alps.  We made it to the end of the day not without pain or suffering or noodle legs.  Never a second to take a break, Kevin always with a grin.

I have since watched Kevin’s progress throughout the years and have been impressed by what he has accomplished.  Recently I received a call from National Geographic Traveler in Poland, they needed a photograph of Kevin.  National Geographic? Poland?  Really?   Nice working Kevin, keep going at it.

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