1 Year ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG! Why has it been so great…

Today is the one year anniversary of my blog (and my facebook page).  When I wrote my first post a year ago I wondered what in the hell I was going to tell you all.  I refused to be involved with social media for many years until I realized there was no way around it.  If you have a business these day you have to be present.  If it’s photography or selling hams.  What came to a surprise to me is that I actually enjoyed doing it.  Is great to share what I do, but mostly I enjoy the feedback I get from you all.  This is really unvaluable.  It tells me what works and what doesn’t, what images are catching the attention and what images aren’t.  It helps me make decisions on  what I will showcase and what I should leave out.  And this advice I get from you all is free!    It has been a fun year.  Thank you.


_N0G7080u all!


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